Courage - Imprinted Frosted Replica Sea Glass Stone


Model: : DSMM - MM3

Courage Frosted Sea Stones are imprinted and are similar in feel and look to "sea" or "washed" glass. Great as motivational tools or gifts.

QUANTITY DISCOUNTS: Buy 100+ of any of the imprinted colored glass stones (found in Shop > Imprinted Glass Stones > Imprinted - Sea Glass Stones) and the price drops to $1.90/each (You may mix and match words).

You will NOT see this change in your shopping cart until checkout where it will appear as a lump sum discount on the Payment Information page. You will see the discount BEFORE putting your credit card number in.

Frosted glass comes in a variety of colors including blue, green, white, and teal. You may specify a particular color scheme if you are buying 25 or more of the SAME stone - please write a note in the comments box at checkout indicating what color scheme you would like. Otherwise, they will come assorted colors.

These measure approximately 1 1/2", some are slightly larger and some may be slightly smaller.