Strength - Engraved River Rock


Model: : 8402j

Stones range in size from approx. 1 1/2" - 3 1/2". Natural stones vary in size and shape. Colors range from whites, browns, tans, dark reddish brown grays and black.

QUANTITY DISCOUNTS: Buy 50+ of any of the engraved river rocks (found in Shop > Engraved River Rocks > Engraved - Single Word) and the following price breaks will take affect.

50 - 199:  $4.20/each
200 - 499:  $3.55/each
500 - 999:  $3.20/each
1000+:  $2.80/each

You will NOT see this change in your shopping cart until checkout where it will appear as a lump sum discount on the Payment Information page. You will see the discount BEFORE putting your credit card number in.

Deeply engraved stones are polished for a smooth finish and are filled with black or white ink.